What is So Great About the New Channel 4 Weight Loss Plan?

When it was announced that former Spice Girl Melanie Brown was going to star as a leading character in the new Channel 4 sitcom, Chrissy Metz, many fans of the pop princess had their hearts in place. They loved the fact that Metz would be getting into the show – after all, she’s one of the best current stars. The series also promised to bring back old fans of the show, and even some long-lost ones.


So what actually is this show about? It’s about a girl called Chrissy who must deal with everyday issues while trying to maintain her slim body – whilst doing everything in her power to lose weight for the benefit of her best friend. This is us, really. She played the part of Katie, a young woman who struggled with her weight for most of her life, before finally finding love and finding success at the gym. In the show, Kate struggled with her weight, too, and this is something we all can relate to.

Before she found love, though, she was just plain worried about her size, worried that people wouldn’t believe her if she was out amongst them wearing an ugly top or jeans. However, it was love that finally pushed her over the edge and she decided to go on this weight loss journey in order to find out what it really meant to be happy and fulfilled. This show is not only going to help you lose weight and get the figure that you want, but it will also inspire you to do the same.

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss Journey

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